Hi People,
                 I have been doing a lot of research these days on what Destiny is.
   And Guess Wht !,
                                  I found some really interesting information on this topic.
     Most of us give in real hard work into some stuff and find that the results magnitude that  we expected is way below our expectations.  Now why does this happens? 

        Was that my destiny or I dint do enough to reach that extra mile?
    I searched wikipedia, asked few Spiritual Gurus and many people and came across the secret to success!

        What is Destiny and how can we change it if it exists?
   Some basic fundas before we deal in depth into this topic.

      - our mind is always filled with thoughts.
      We may be thinking of some car to buy some place to go or we are not happy with our current situation or we wanna be someone.
            Now  this is all junk we have in our minds.
      If we observe enough we will find that, there is only one thought at a time in our mind.

               The work that we do to execute some stuff is Action. 


            THOUGHT -----creates-------> Action ------creates-------------> Character-------creates-------------> Destiny.


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