Question the Wheel is said to Answer:

              You can ask almost any question you are facing in your life to this app. You should ask it with faith and the question must be an important question for you. This is no fun app. The divination answers the call of the seeker only when the questions are very important for the seeker.

Some Question suggestions for you :
                          Shall I get fortune in this investment? Should I buy this stock now? Shall I earn a great fortune from this stock? Shall I be a rich man soon? Shall I get the desired thing? Will I get a good job? Will my luck change?  Shall I marry to this person? 
                         Can I trust this person?   Shall my  undertaking be successful?  When will I recover from my present misfortune?

          If you are a cricket fan, then you may ask: Will this team win the match today? and share divination's answer on Facebook! 

Interpreting the answers from App:

            If the answer from app to your question is "Yes Soon" then the desired result will turn out in very near future. 
If the answer from app is "Yes, But will take time" then the desired result will occur in due course of time.
             If the answer from app is " No not now", the desired result wont happen for now. What it suggest is you should take some concrete efforts in that direction so that it may happen in some long time.
             If the answer from app is "Never", then the desired result will  not happen. The reason is that  the planets are not in your favor for now.